Over the years I’ve come to understand that there is a very important, sometimes subtle, difference between acceptable advertising and great advertising. Acceptable advertising is influenced by culture, great advertising influences culture. Now that doesn’t mean that I think only Mac, Nike, and Target are examples of brands that do great advertising. Each brand exists within its own culture–pet food has a culture, packaged goods have a culture, spirits, OTC products, restaurants…they all have a culture. The brands that do great advertising within their respective cultures are influential within them.

I do great advertising, most of the time. My creative influences culture, most of the time. Think I’m a big jerk for bragging like this? Wait a minute…let me finish. I only take a fraction of the credit. It’s shared with the people on my team: the brand planners and account people with whom I love to work, the consumers who have vetted our ideas, the clients who challenge us to be great, and the industry itself that demands flexibility, imagination, and evolution.

I see my job as a creative director not to produce great work, but to inspire others to do so. Not to just show up for the big meeting, but to join clients on the road to explore and discover every little thing there is to know about a brand. Not to take credit, but to give it. I see my job as a creative director to influence culture not just for my brands but also in my department and throughout the agency in which we work. This is a culture of inspired teamwork, new ideas, exciting possibilities, and enthusiastic risk taking.

So, while I’m happy you’re going to check out my work, I don’t consider what you’re going to see fully indicative of my accomplishments. I can’t show you the portfolio that features a junior AD working with me to develop her campaign. You can’t see the trip where a client and I thought of a new SKU over a beer. There’s no link to view the meetings where my whole team sits together and by talking, drawing, challenging, and accepting comes up with brilliance.

What I can’t show you on this site is the culture I want to influence at your agency.

In the end though, that is the most important thing.